Rescued by Ruby

Is Netflix’s Rescued by Ruby Based on a True Story? A Police Dog Film


  • The true story of Daniel O’Neil and Ruby, a shelter dog who becomes a celebrated K9 hero.
  • Once nearly euthanized, Ruby becomes a Search and Rescue Dog of the Year.
  • The film shows the real-life bond and achievements of a man and his dog in a police K9 unit.

What is Rescued by Ruby About?

Rescued by Ruby is a heartfelt narrative about a man, Daniel O’Neil, a Rhode Island police officer who forms an unlikely partnership with Ruby, a shelter dog he adopts. Despite being denied entry into the K9 unit several times, Daniel’s determination is renewed when he meets Ruby, a mischievous and hyperactive dog on the brink of being put down. This police and dog movie beautifully explores their journey together as they face setbacks. Still, they overcome these struggles with the support of family, community members, and each other. This story is not just about a man and his dog but a shared goal, learning, and the reality they create together, filled with obedience training, effort, and eventual success in the face of challenging odds. The tale exemplifies Ruby’s rescue and retreat adoption, showing how a rescued dog can transform and enrich lives.

Rescued By Ruby starring Grant Gustin | Official Trailer

Is Rescued by Ruby Based on a True Story?

Yes, Rescued by Ruby is firmly rooted in reality, depicting the true story of how Daniel O’Neil, an aspiring K9 officer, and Ruby, a once unmanageable shelter dog, come together to form a dynamic search and rescue team. The narrative showcases Ruby’s transition from a spirited and nearly euthanized pup to a Search and Rescue Dog of the Year, reflecting her remarkable, unlikely rescue operations that captured the hearts of many, leading her to be nominated and win the title of Humane Society’s Search and Rescue Hero Dog.

Dan O’Neil and His K-9 Dog Ruby

Why was Ruby surrendered to the animal shelter?

Ruby was surrendered to the animal shelter when she was just months old because she was unmanageable. Her energetic nature and need for a structured environment made her a challenging family pet.

What breed is Ruby, the K-9 dog?

Unlike her depiction in the Netflix movie, Ruby is a mix of an Australian shepherd and a border collie. These breeds are known for their intelligence and energy, key traits that define Ruby’s character.

How many times was Ruby adopted and returned to the shelter before finding a home with Dan O’Neil?

Ruby was adopted and returned to the shelter five times. Her boisterous spirit and strong will made it difficult for her to find a permanent home until she met Dan O’Neil.

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Was Ruby two hours from being euthanized when the state police stepped in and adopted her?

Yes, Ruby was merely two hours away from being euthanized when she was finally offered to the Rhode Island State Police. This crucial decision was propelled by advocates who believed in her potential.

Was it State Trooper Dan O’Neil’s dream to work in the K-9 unit?

It was Dan O’Neil’s dream to work in the K-9 unit. His passion for the role was evident long before he met Ruby, making their partnership even more significant.

Why did Trooper Dan O’Neil adopt Ruby and train her as a search and rescue dog?

Trooper Dan O’Neil recognized Ruby’s unique energy and drive. He saw past her unruly behavior to her potential as a search-and-rescue dog and was determined to channel her vibrant energy into something profoundly impactful.

Does Officer Dan O’Neil suffer from dyslexia and hyperactivity?

Yes, both Officer Dan O’Neil and Ruby share similar challenges with dyslexia and hyperactivity, which strengthens their bond and mutual understanding.

Was Dan O’Neil’s wife pregnant at the time he adopted Ruby?

When Dan O’Neil brought Ruby home, his wife was indeed pregnant. This added another layer of challenge and triumph to their inspiring story.

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Are most search and rescue dogs bred and raised for the job from birth?

While many search and rescue dogs are bred and trained from birth, Ruby is not. Her journey from a shelter dog to a top-class rescue dog is what makes her story so inspiring.

Did Ruby complete her search and rescue training at the top of her class?

Ruby completed her search and rescue training at the top of her class, proving that even an underdog can rise above expectations.

Did Ruby run away from home?

Ruby ran away from home once in early December 2018 but was thankfully found after a few tense hours. This incident highlighted her spirited nature even further.

Did Ruby help search for the child of the same person who cared for her at the shelter?

In a remarkable turn of events, Ruby played a critical role in searching for and finding the child of Patricia Inman, the woman who had cared for her at the shelter.

Where was Patricia Inman’s son found?

Patricia Inman’s son was found in a ravine, having fallen while hiking. Ruby’s persistent barking alerted the rescue units to his location, saving his life.

How long has Ruby worked as a search and rescue dog?

When the movie Rescued by Ruby was released, Ruby had served as a search and rescue dog for over a decade, assisting in numerous missions and saving lives.

What is K-9 officer Dan O’Neil doing today?

Today, Dan O’Neil continues his service with the Rhode Island State Police, overseeing an 18-dog K-9 unit that includes his faithful partner, Ruby.

Is Ruby still an active police dog?

As of the latest updates, Ruby remains an active member of the K-9 unit, showcasing her incredible skills and continuing to make a difference.

How Much of Rescued by Ruby is True, and what did the Film Change?

While Rescued by Ruby adheres closely to the true events behind Daniel O’Neil and Ruby’s inspiring story, certain artistic liberties were taken to enhance the cinematic experience. The core facts remain untouched; Ruby was indeed a shelter dog who was given a chance by Daniel and the Rhode Island State Police, ultimately excelling in the K9 corps. However, the film amplifies some emotional elements to deepen the viewer’s engagement and empathy. Despite these adjustments, the essence of Ruby’s incredible transformation and her impact as a Search and Rescue Hero Dog remains accurately portrayed, celebrating her significant contributions and her strong bond with Daniel.

Film Rescued by Ruby Review

As a viewer of this movie, I was deeply moved by “Rescued by Ruby,” which effectively captures the essence of perseverance and partnership. It strikes a fine balance between emotional depth and factual accuracy, distinguishing itself within the genre of police dog movies. This film connects not only with dog lovers but also with anyone drawn to stories of underdogs and unexpected heroes. The performances, especially Grant Gustin’s portrayal of Daniel O’Neil, are heartfelt, authentically depicting the challenges and victories of Ruby and Daniel in an inspiring manner.

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Details About Netflix film Rescued by Ruby

Release DateMarch 17, 2022
DirectorKatt Shea
Star CastGrant Gustin
Scott Wolf
Kaylah Zander
Rating7.1/10 IMDb
100% Rotten Tomatoes
Runtime1h 30m
Produced byDan Angel
Jane Charles
Brian Gott
Written byKaren Janszen
platform Available OnNetflix

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