The Taking of Deborah Logan

Is “The Taking of Deborah Logan” a True Story?


  1. The Taking of Deborah Logan follows a documentary crew as they capture a terrifying transformation rooted in demonic possession.
  2. Although not based on a true story, the film effectively creates an unsettling atmosphere with disturbing psychological and supernatural elements.
  3. The direct-to-video release allows viewers worldwide to witness the unique blend of medical and supernatural horror firsthand.

What Is the Plot of “The Taking of Deborah Logan”?

The plot of The Taking of Deborah Logan centers on Deborah Logan, an elderly woman who agrees to be filmed by a documentary crew for a project on Alzheimer’s disease. As her progressive dementia worsens, strange behaviors emerge, hinting at something beyond medical explanations. Sarah, her caregiver and daughter, watches helplessly as demonic possession overtakes her mother.

The film unfolds like a pseudo-documentary, drawing viewers into a terrifying world where supernatural forces and paranormal phenomena become disturbingly real. The gradual escalation into insidious and monstrous transformation creates a creepy viewing experience.

Is “The Taking of Deborah Logan” a True Story?

No, The Taking of Deborah Logan is not based on a true story. It’s a supernatural thriller built around a fictional demonic possession. The found-footage format and pseudo-documentary style convincingly create an air of authenticity, but it’s all carefully crafted fiction. Jill Larson plays Deborah Logan with chilling believability, while Sarah, Mia, and Ann Ramsay enrich the story with their performances.

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Why Didn’t “The Taking of Deborah Logan” Get a Theatrical Release?

Despite its shocking and terrifying storytelling, the film was released directly to Netflix as a direct-to-video project. The filmmakers chose this route to capitalize on the growing trend of electronic sell-through and reach a broader audience online. This allowed the film to gain a dedicated following despite the absence of a theatrical release.

How Does “The Taking of Deborah Logan” Differ from Other Found Footage Horror Movies?

Unlike many other found-footage horror films, The Taking of Deborah Logan employs a documentary style to build tension and create a disturbing atmosphere. The focus on mental illness and medical deterioration gives it a psychological edge, blurring the lines between illness and demonic possession. Its shocking climax reveals terrifying buried secrets that amplify the sense of unease.

What Themes Does the Film Explore Beyond Demonic Possession?

Beyond demonic possession, the film delves into themes of progressive dementia, the fragility of the body and mind, and the psychological terror of watching a loved one deteriorate. The documentary crew uncovers haunting imagery of hallucinations that highlight the horror of mental deterioration. The film also touches on the believable relationship between Deborah and her daughter Sarah as they navigate the frightening changes.

The Impact on the Horror Genre

The Taking of Deborah Logan leaves an enduring impact on the horror genre with its blend of supernatural and psychological terror. Its surreal style, mind-bending twists, and disturbing exploration of illness push the boundaries of what defines horror, setting a new standard for supernatural thrillers.

Why Did “The Taking of Deborah Logan” Capture Audiences Worldwide?

Audiences worldwide were captivated by The Taking of Deborah Logan because of its disturbing imagery and shocking twists. The unsettling atmosphere and supernatural affliction evoke unease and horror while revealing secrets with a shocking reveal. The tension builds to a terrifying and disturbing finale that keeps viewers hooked.

“The Taking of Deborah Logan”: Ending Explained

The plot follows a documentary crew exploring the case of Deborah, a former telephone operating service owner who is diagnosed in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Reluctantly exposing herself to strangers, she is urged to participate by Sarah, her daughter, who aims to save their family home with the funds from the production. As Deborah displays symptoms of the disease, eerie behaviors surface, hinting at a supernatural influence.

The ending of The Taking of Deborah Logan leaves little doubt about Deborah’s motives and actions. This horror gem builds tension between the ailing title character and her daughter. By the third act, the film vividly reveals the manifestation of the supernatural through unequivocal evidence of possession. It invites viewers to explore, fully grasp, and understand what truly happens within the film. The intricate relationship between Sarah and Deborah adds emotional weight, making the climactic ending even more chilling.

My Review of “The Taking of Deborah Logan”

The Taking of Deborah Logan is a mixed bag that shocked me, not knowing how to feel. While some critics found it boring or slow, I was drawn in by its well-paced story and high-intensity atmosphere. Unfortunately, the film suffers from characters making questionable decisions to facilitate intense, creepy scenes. Lights aren’t switched on when available, and Deborah, despite becoming violent and injuring people, isn’t properly contained but is instead repeatedly sent home. 

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Characters explore dangerous places alone and fail to call for backup when needed. Despite these flaws, the filmmakers created some of the most chilling and effective scares I’ve seen in years, keeping me on the edge of my seat. The finale, in particular, is a standout moment that lives up to its reputation, delivering a shock that lingers long after the credits roll. While the characters’ actions often defy logic, and the film is far from perfect, the ending almost makes it all worthwhile. Despite its flaws, I don’t regret watching The Taking of Deborah Logan.

Where Can I Watch “The Taking of Deborah Logan”?

The Taking of Deborah Logan is available to stream on Netflix. This direct-to-video release ensures viewers can enjoy the scary film from the comfort of their homes.

The Taking of Deborah Logan Film Details

Release DateOctober 21, 2014 (USA)
DirectorAdam Robitel
CastJill Larson, Anne Ramsay, Michelle Ang
Rating6/10 IMDb
92% Rotten Tomatoes
5.1/10 Filmaffinity
Runtime1h 30m
Cinematography: Andrew Huebscher
Distributed by:Eagle Films,
Platform Available OnPrime Video, Netflix

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