Is The Secret of The Greco Family a true story?

Is The Secret of The Greco Family a True Story? Who was the Real Greco Family, and What Happened to them?


  • Based on a true story, The Secret of the Greco Family reveals the Puccio family’s shocking crimes in Argentina during the 1980s.
  • A gripping narrative across nine episodes on Netflix that explores themes of social status, deception, and the depths of human depravity.
  • Stellar performances by Fernando Colunga, Lisa Owen, and the core cast offer a compelling insight into the dark underbelly of a seemingly perfect family.

What Is The Secret of the Greco Family About?

Yes, The Secret of the Greco Family narrates a gripping saga. Created by Luis and Sebastián Ortega and directed by Alejandro Ciancio, this Mexican adaptation of the Argentinian miniseries Historia de un clan reveals the dark secrets of the Puccio family. Spanning nine episodes, each with a runtime of approximately 45-60 minutes, the Netflix series unravels how a seemingly perfect family kidnaps wealthy individuals for ransom, maintaining their high standard of living and social status. This true story dives deep into the criminal activities of the family in Argentina from 1982 to 1985, showcasing their kidnapped, tortured, and murdered victims for ransom money.

Trailer of The Secret of The Greco Family

Is The Secret of The Greco Family a True Story? And What happened to the Puccio family?

Indeed, the tale is a true story rooted in the Puccio family’s harrowing deeds. Although set in Mexico, this story is a faithful adaptation of the 2015 Argentine series, further enriched by a co-production between Mexico and Argentina, with Telemundo at the helm of production. Alejandro Awada and Cecilia Roth brought to life the original narrative, with Fernando Colunga and Lisa Owen portraying the heads of the Greco family, embodying the ruthless patriarch and his counterpart. The core cast, including Manuel Masalva, Alejandro de Hoyos Parera, Samantha Siqueiros, Roberta Damián, and Paula Reca, adds depth to this chilling Netflix series.

Unearthing the Origins

No direct link ties The Secret of the Greco Family to ancient Greece, yet the metaphorical whispers of valor, heroism, and determination resonate through their saga. The narrative draws a thin line between fact and fiction, reflecting on how the Greco family could embody such ancient virtues in their dark tale.

Legends and Mythology

The Greco family’s story blurs the lines between myth and reality. As an old family with a rich history, their narrative is embellished with flairs and overstated tales, challenging the distinction between fact and fiction. Such legends, while captivating, often mask the truth.

Historical Records and Archival Research

Historical records and archival research serve as windows into the Greco family’s legacy, allowing us to probe the veracity of their tale. These efforts to sift through the annals of history reveal differing accounts of their existence, highlighting the complexity of discerning legend from reality.

The Greco Family Chronicles

The ancient Greco family chronicles passed down through generations provide a firsthand account of their triumphs and tribulations. Despite the authenticity challenges of time and chroniclers, these documents offer invaluable insights into their storied past.

A Glimpse into the Greco-Family Heritage

Exploring the Greco family’s heritage offers a unique perspective on their fact or fiction status. While historical records and archival research aid in this exploration, the Greco family chronicles remain a pivotal source of authenticity and narrative integrity.

The Greco Family – Fact or Fiction?

The line between fact and fiction in the Greco family’s story is finely drawn. Historical records, archival research, and the Greco family chronicles are crucial in demystifying their legend, offering glimpses into their existence and narrative.

How Many Were the Puccio Family’s Victims?

How Many Were the Puccio Family's Victims?

The Puccio family is known to have kidnapped four individuals between 1982 and 1985 during Argentina’s turbulent Dirty War period. Of these, three were murdered for failing to pay the ransom, revealing the grim extent of their criminal activities.

Did the Puccio Family Get Caught?

On Aug. 23, 1985, a police raid led to the arrest of the Puccio family, except for young Adriana. Arquímedes Puccio, the family’s patriarch, was sentenced to life in prison, and his son Alejandro faced similar consequences. Other family members, including Epifanía and Silvia Puccio, faced trials and verdicts that further unraveled their complex criminal activities.

The Puccio family: where are the members now?

The aftermath saw Arquímedes and Alejandro Puccio receiving life sentences, with Alejandro dying in 2008 from pneumonia. Daniel Puccio remains elusive, having fled Argentina in the 1980s. Meanwhile, Epifanía Calvo and Adriana continue living in their family home in San Isidro, marking the diverging paths of each member after their criminal saga.

My Review of the Netflix Series The Secret of the Greco Family

After watching The Secret of the Greco Family on Netflix, I was thoroughly engrossed and unsettled by its vivid portrayal of the Puccio family’s heinous crimes. The series, masterfully crafted by Luis and Sebastián Ortega, not only delves into the dark underbelly of a seemingly perfect family but also exposes the chilling reality of their criminal activities. Fernando Colunga and Lisa Owen deliver powerful performances, bringing depth and complexity to their characters. This series is a compelling mix of suspense, drama, and true crime, leaving a lasting impression of the horrifying lengths people can go to preserve their social status and lifestyle.


What is the full cast of the secret of the Greco family?

Full case of the secret of the Greco family: Fernando Colunga, Lisa Owen, Manuel Masalva, Luis Machín, Rafael Ferro, Alejandro de Hoyos, Samantha Siqueiros, Roberta Damián, Antonio de la Vega, Delfina Chaves, Celina Font, Eliseo Barrionuevo, Guadalupe Docampo, Junior Pisanu, Ernesto Claudio, Juan Sorini, Iván Espeche, Camila Flamenco, Carola Reyna

How to watch The Secret of the Greco Family: 

Available on Netflix, ensure you have an ad-free plan to access all episodes.

How many episodes of The Secret of the Greco Family are there?: 

The series consists of 8 episodes, all streaming on Netflix.

Details about Series of Netflix The Secret of The Greco Family

First episode dateNovember 4, 2022 (USA)
Rating6.2/10 IMDb
6.2/10 AWW-rated
5.7/10 Filmaffinity
RuntimeNine 45-minute episodes
GenresSuspense, Thriller, Drama
Directed By Alejandro Ciancio
Produced byTelemundo and underground media
platform Available OnNetflix

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